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Miss Australia Chinese Grand Final 2023

The Miss Australia Chinese Grand Final has been held successfully for more than ten years and has become a high-quality beauty pageant brand in the Chinese community. Through the authorisation model, the campaign will cover Australia. And through the integration of resources, local companies with high-quality local resources and planning capabilities will be able to hold regional selection competitions, which regional winners will then be selected to participate in the Miss Australia Chinese Grand Final ".

TVB Anywhere Moon Festival

TVB Anywhere Carnival is one of the largest outdoor and entertainment events among the Australian Chinese community. It attracts over 30,000 visitors every year and has become the most influential family event for local Australians. The variety of food stalls and corporate stalls will give you a golden opportunity to promote your brand and product.

Stars Academy 2023 Australia Audition Grand Final

Stars Academy 2023 Australia Audition selects the strongest singer through various in-state auditions and competitions who would represent their state to participate in The Stars Academy Australia Audition Grand Final. The winner of the Australian Grand Final will represent on behalf of Australia to participate and challenge the other participants on the Grand Final production in Hong Kong. Through the production, it allows the representative to expose in front of the Hong Kong as well as the global audience through Hong Kong Jade channel and TVB Anywhere and pursue their own star academy.

2021 Sing!China Australia Audition Grand Final

Sing! China is amongst one of the most reputable singing shows in China, as well as amid the overseas Chinese community. TVB Anywhere is delighted to announce that we will be the official organiser for the Australia overseas recruitment of Sing! China 2021. The main goal of the audition is to discover local singing talent, who would then represent Australia to participate in the show in mainland China.

2019 Retirement Lifestyle EXPO

Retirement is the beginning of a prosperous life. With plenty of time and good health, retirees should enjoy the second half of their life without any worries. TV Media organises the Retirement Lifestyle Expo in the Chinese community every year, surrounding the theme of elderly services and elderly needs. It provides support to the elderly, and further promotes the importance of quality retirement planning. 
Local Production

Local Production

Money And You
Professional financial accountant, Simon Wu, along with his son, Johnathon Wu, are here to talk about financial information and investment strategies. The father and son duo will use their sophisticated industry experience to discuss the matters in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
Patricia Perfect Property
Patricia is a Hong Kong native who has been in Australia for 30 years. She has has become the first female sales for several years. She have a thorough knowledge of the Australian property market, and will introduce the case to the audience clearly in the program.
Community & Commercial News
澳洲TVB Anywhere最有影響力的本地時事節目。密切追蹤華人社區最新動態,網羅各類公益信息,傳遞最受關注的消費資訊,豐富華人社區的生活。從華人視角出發,探討社會民生熱點話題及本地社區的大事小事。為觀眾帶來全方位的視角及深度的剖析。